Updated: Aug 30, 2020

I have experienced appreciation is a huge way. Years ago, like 10, I encouraged a friend to start her own business because of the raw talent I saw in her, among other things🤐. She went with it and the rest is history.

Everytime I see a post on Instagram by my heart smiles, because I know her story and to see how she has, and is excelling makes me beam with joy.

So fast forward to 2020. She reached out to me asking to purchase a body butter and a turmeric soap, and of course, I would never sell her a thing because I just love her, I love her passion, creative abilities, and her "go get it attitude" . So I send her a gift set. Let me tell you!!!! What she did and how it changed my business is unfathomable. To me, it feels like Kedesha was just waiting for the right opportunity to show her appreciation the best way she knows how. Mark you, she has done my hair and made wigs for me at a far reduced price so I was not expecting this.

When I see how unselfishly she has helped to market my business, I am good at making, not marketing, all I can say is, I am moved to tears.

Kedesha's business, KeddyKure, is doing extremely well and I know her next business will do even better. Watch out for her!!!

So I wrote all of that to say, when you do a kind deed, appreciation may not come now. Just encourage someone, show love to someone, assist someone, you may never know, it may very well come back to you, just when you are in need of it the most.

#loveencourageassist #youneverknowwhen


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